Calendar and Events Module in MarketPowerPRO, by MultiSoft Corporation Founder Peter Spary and President Robert Proctor

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Published on December 17, 2015

Multisoft Calendar and Events Module

The driving force behind successful network marketing companies is momentum and events.
The purpose to have an event is to promote the next event where you reward and recognize leadership.

Events can be as simple as a conference call or as massive as a 25,000 seat arena.

As Eric Worre says.

“In network Marketing, meetings make money.”

“Meeting people one on one, in small groups, or at local or bigger events, will have a huge impact on the long term success of any network marketing organization.”

Multisoft is pleased and proud to introduce a tool to help you make that happen.

Our new MarketPowerPRO module: “The Visual Calendar and Events system.”

Visually appealing with its graphical and slick slider view, your distributors will always want to see what’s going on in your company.

Getting started with your events is a simple matter of logging in as an administrator, going to the Calendar and Event Management module in the Company menu.

Your existing events are displayed¸ for you edit or delete.

You can also view the events as a scrollable list.

And you can define the number of days before the event occurs that you would like it displayed. Great for a recurring schedule such as a monthly meeting where you only want the next date displayed.

Click on View/Add and select the Corporate Events tab. Personal events are a new feature to help you manage your own activities and this will be coming in the next update.

You can delete an event here by setting the check box beside the event, then clicking ‘Delete the selected event”.

Click Add Event.

Enter a suitable name for the event such as Christmas Eve Party

Enter any information that is needed.

Set the frequency of the event, if it is a recurring event. Otherwise leave this blank.

From the popout calendar, set the start date and time, and end date and time.

Enter the address the event will take place and finally set who will be able to view the event.
For example: If it is a distributor only event, set the access to Distributor. If it is a public event, set to Anonymous user.

Upload a suitable image for the event and adjust the display as appropriate.

Click Save and Close and your event is ready to go!

Creating events to engage your distributors with MarketPowerPRO just could not be easier!

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